Listed Below are the makers detailed within the book 'A Kiss Of Rocking Horses'

Abbott, Bonner & Co.
Adams, EG.
Ajoy Ltd.
Allen, C.
Allen, J.
Alliison, J.
 Arnold, J.
Aston, W H & Co.
Ayres, F H.
Ayres Sports Goods Ltd.
Baby Carriages Ltd.
Baker W H.
Barker, W.
Bashall, Betty.
Berwick & Co.
Bonner, George & Co.
Bosworthick, J.
Brassington & Cooke.
Brierley & Co.
Burlington & Co.
Burrows, G.
Burrows, W.
Cadby, T & Sons(1921)Ltd.
Calton, R.
 Carlton, R.
Cartwright, F A & Co.
 Cartwright & Watkins.
Cheshire, J.
Chinn & McMillen.
Churchward, J.
Collinson, J & Son.
Cox, H.
Crossley Brothers.
Dalston Baby Carriage Co. Ltd.
Davies, Alfred & Co.
Davies, G.
Davison & Hilditch.
Davison G & W.
Davison, J.
De La Rue, E.
Dear, J.C.
 Derby Patent Hobby Horse Co. Ltd.
Dobby Horse Exploytation Sydicate
Dunkley, W.
Edinburgh Toy Factory Ltd.
Elderkin, T.
Elite Toy Manufacturing Co.
Evans, J & Sons.
Farmer Lane & Co.
Francke, B & Co.
Gabriel, W.
Galway Toy Industry.
Gamage, A.W.
Goblin Toy Co.
Greenwood, C.& Co.
 Hammond Manufacturing Co.
Hart & Ventura Co. Ltd.
Hearson, C & G.
Hill & Harrison.
Honey, J & Co.
Honey, RE & ET.
Hooper Ltd.
Howard, G.
Hughes, G.
Hurst, T. Industria Ltd.
Invicta Toy & Dolls Works Ltd.
Kaye Toy Co.
Kendrick, R & FW.
Kennedy, W.
Leach, G.
Leach, P.
Lines, G & J.
Lines Bros Ltd.
Liverpool Toy Industry.
Lloyd & Co.
Lloyd, J.
Lucas, H.
Luckett, T & Son.
Marqua, P.
Mead, J.
 Midland Tent & Strong Toy Co.
Millson, AC.
Montil Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Moore, HA & Co. Ltd.
Morgan Nature Toy Co.
Morris, W.
Motor Necessities Ltd.
Norman, WH & Co.
Norris, J.
Norton & Barker.
Noveltoy Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Palmer, S.
Palser, J.
 Palser, S.
Parker Brothers.
Patterson Edwards.
Pegram, H.
Perambulator & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Pope, J & Sons.
Randall, J.
Raper, J.
R. H. Manufacturing Co.
Ridingbury & Co. Ltd.
Rivett Campbell & Co. Ltd.
Roebuck, J.
Rothschild & Baker.
Ryland, F.
Scott & Walker Ltd.
Shaw, E & Co.
Shillelagh Wood Industry.
Simkinson, S.
Simpson Fawcett & Co.
Smeeton, A.
Smeeton, G.
Smith, James.
Smith, J R.
Smith, J R Ltd.
Smith, WH & Sons.
Spooner, J.
Sports & Hobbies.
Star Manufacturing Co.
Star Yacht Works.
Steam Rocking Hobby Horse Co. Ltd.
Sykes, W & Co.
Tan-Sad Ltd.
Taylor, J & J.
Taylor, T.
Thorp, J & T.
Trebeck, TF.
Troy Toy Horse Co.
Turnbull, CE & Co.
Tweed, HC & Co.
Usher & Co.
 Victor Aviation & Toy Co.
Wallington, G.
Wanklyn, HA.
Welsh Toy Industries.
Wheatley, G & J.
Whiley Bros. Wild, GL.
Wilkinson, C & Co.
Wilson & Sons.
Wilson, J & Co.
Woodrow G & Co. Ltd.
Woods, W & Son.
Wychwood Toy Co. Ltd.
Ye Olde Yorkshire Toy Co.

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