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A Directory of British Rocking Horse Makers (pre-1950).

A new book 'A Kiss of Rocking Horses', A directory of British Rocking Horse Makers (pre 1950) Has just been published by The Rocking Horse Workshop. The author is David Kiss who runs his Rocking Horse business together with his wife Noreen from their premises at Hodnet, Shropshire.

'A Kiss of Rocking Horses' Is the most comprehensive listing of all known British Rocking Horse Makers, over One hundred and fifty in all. Each maker is listed alphabetically and, where known, the social background of each firm is reported on as well as the range of products that the firm produced.

The book aims to help the reader identify and name any model of british Rocking Horse by the means of over 720 colour and black and white pictures and illustrations, spread throughout the 520 pages of the book.

There is quite simply no other work as comprehensive as 'A Kiss Of Rocking Horses' and as such will surely go on to become a definitive work on the subject.

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